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List of Scenes Made in 1913.

[Note: Most of the following scenes are listed in the Shooting Schedule (Document 2), although that document also includes scenes not represented here. This suggests that the Shootings Schedule had been prepared prior to the 1913 season and that not all of the anticipated scenes were shot at that time.]

[Two numbered manuscript pages]

Titles of Scenes made in 1913

Preceding Scene           The Thunderbird Dancer

The Mountain-goat Dancer

The Grizz1y-bear Dancer
The Tsonokwa
The Wild Men
The Raven
The Wolf

Beginning his fast, Motana builds a prayer fire and implores the spirits

"Depart!” I am not thinking of women, but of the spirits."

Motana returns to his father

Motana tells of his love for Naïda and of the Sorcerer’s threats and efforts to take his life

En route to ask Naïda in marriage, and to take vengeance on the Sorcerer

Approach of the bridegroom’s party led by the canoe of the Thunderbird clan

Return of the wedding party to Watsúlis

The wedding party enters Kenada’s house through the Raven's mouth

The fisherman

The clam diggers

While gamblers at Yílis are at play, the victorious war party is sighted

The Wind dancer

The Raven and the "Curved Beak"

The Fire Dance. The Fire Dancer hates fire, end stamps it out with bare hands and feet. His attendants restrain him.

Motana discovers the theft.

Tsonokwa the ogress, and Grizzly-bear

Thunderbird, Mountain-goat, Wolf, Whale, Killerwhale, Bullhead, Tsonokwa, Dog, and Grizzly-bear

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