"In The Land of the Head Hunters" - Edward S. Curtis (Billboard)
The Film: Curtis collaborated with an all-Native cast to make this romantic melodrama; featuring love, war, and ritual set before the arrival of Europeans on the North Pacific Coast.
The Score: Composer John Braham's long-lost original score; reunited with the film and performed live on stage for the first time since 1914.
The Dancers: The Gwa'wina Dancers, featuring descendants of the film's cast; presenting and discussing songs and dances drawn from those pictured in the film.
The Photographs: Two new photo exhibits re-view Edward Curtis; putting his images into dialogue with Northwest First Nations, artists, and scholars.
Edward Curtis's landmark 1914 silent film; newly restored and framed by live performances of the original musical score and Kwakwaka'wakw dance.
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Curtis's Landmark 1914 Silent Film of Pacific Northwest First Nations Culture

Executive Producers: Aaron Glass, Brad Evans, Andrea Sanborn