2014-2016 Screenings and Events

December 9, 2016: Festival Internacional de Cine de San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico

Mexican Premier. Screening of the film with introduction by Brad Evans, followed by discussion with First Nations artist Corrine Hunt.

March 3, 2016: Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

Screening and discussion led by Aaron Glass

November 12, 2015: Turner Classic Movies

Television screening of the film, part of TCM's monthlong celebration of Milestone Films.
Time: 8:00PM

October 3, 2015: Native American Art Studies Association conference, Santa Fe, NM

Screening of the film with introduction by Aaron Glass, followed by a panel discussion with Gerald McMaster, Chris Eyre, and Lou-ann Neel.

June 6, 2015: Toronto Premiere!

Jackman Hall, Art Gallery of Ontario, 7-9pm
Screening of the film with introduction by Aaron Glass,followed by panel discussion with Glass, First Nations artists Corrine Hunt and Wanda Nanibush, and curator Sarah Milroy.

April 16, 2015: Riga World Film Festival, Riga, Latvia

Screening of the film with Q/A (via Skype) by Brad Evans

March 15, 2015: Cinematheque Quebecois, Montreal, QB

Screening of the film with introduction and Q/A by Aaron Glass 
Time: 5:00PM

January 12, 2015: Pickford Film Center, Bellingham, WA

Screening of the film with introduction and Q/A by Brad Evans and Kwakwaka'wakw filmmaker Barb Cranmer
Time: 6:30PM

January 10, 2015: Vancity Theatre, Vancouver, BC

Screening of the film with introduction and Q/A by Brad Evans and Aaron Glass. 
Time: 12:00PM

January 9, 2015: Modern Languages Association Convention, Vancouver, BC

Panel discussion on the film with Brad Evans, Aaron Glass, Colin Browne, Andy Everson, Dana Claxton, Leigh Anne Duck and Brian Hochman. 

January 7, 2015:Town Hall, Seattle, WA

Conversation about the film and book signing with Aaron Glass and Kwakwaka'wakw filmmaker Barb Cranmer, moderated by Feliks Banel. 

January 6, 2015: Seattle Public Library, Seattle, WA

Screening of the film with introduction and Q/A by Aaron Glass and Barbara Cranmer

December 7, 2014Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, WA

*100th Anniversary Screening of the film.

December 7, 2014Vancity Theatre, Vancouver, BC

*100th Anniversary Screening of the film with special guests. 

December 5-6, 2014The Cinematheque, Vancouver, BC

Screening of the film. 

December 4, 2014Society for Visual Anthropology Film Festival, Washington, DC

Screening and discussion led by Aaron Glass

December 2, 2014Bard Graduate Center, New York, NY

Screening and discussion led by Aaron Glass

November 5-8, 2014American Folklore Society Conference, Santa Fe, NM

Screening and discussion led by Aaron Glass on Nov. 6

June 30-July 1, 2014: Il Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna, Italy

Festival screenings, with introduction by Dennis Doros, Milestone Film & Video

June 21, 2014: U'mista Cultural Society, Alert Bay, British Columbia

Free community screenings, with introduction by Brad Evans and Aaron Glass

June 8, 2014
Whitsell Auditorium, Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR

Screening and discussion of the film and new book with Aaron Glass
Event is free and open to the public 
Presented by Oregon Historical Society in partnership with the 
Portland Art Museum’s Native American Art Council and the
Northwest Film Center

May 29-31, 2014: Native American and Indigenous Studies Association, Austin, TX

Screening and discussion led by Aaron Glass

May 29-31, 2014The Royal Anthropological Institute Conference on Anthropology and Photography, London, UK

Paper presented by Brad Evans
The British Museum

May 23, 2014British Library, London, UK

Screening and discussion led by Brad Evans

May 22, 2014American Indian Workshop, Leiden, The Netherlands

Screening and discussion led by Brad Evans

May 19, 2014Ethnography and American Culture in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, 1870-1920, Canterbury, UK

Screening and discussion led by Brad Evans.
The University of Kent

April 10-12, 2014American Ethnological Society and Society for Visual Anthropology, Boston, MA

Screening and discussion led by Aaron Glass, with anthropologist Faye Ginsburg and visual historian, artist and curator Jolene Ricard.

March 21, 2014 2PM: Seattle Public Library, Seattle, WA

Lecture and discussion led by Brad Evans, featuring film clips and details about the background of project.

March 19, 2014 7PM: Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Seattle, WA

Screening and discussion led by Brad Evans, with Bill Holm, who co-produced the 1973 release of the film, In the Land of the War Canoes, film historians Catherine Russell and Fatimah Tobing Rony, who have both written on War Canoes, and Kwakwaka'wakw filmmaker, Barbara Cranmer.
The Burke Museum (on the University of Washington campus at the corner of 17th Avenue NE and NE 45th Street)

March 1, 2014 7PM: New Jersey Film Festival, New Brunswick, NJ

Screening, with introduction by Brad Evans and Aaron Glass
Rutgers University
Voorhees Hall 105, New Brunswick

Project Partners

U’mista Cultural Centre 
The Getty Research Institute
UCLA Film & Television Archive
The Field Museum
Milestone film & video
University of Washington Press
Autry National Center 
The Moore Theatre (Seattle Theatre Group)
The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture
Seattle International Film Festival
The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts
Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia
University of British Columbia - First Nations and Indigenous Studies
UBC Centenary 2008
National Gallery of Art
Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian
American Museum of Natural History
New York University
Rutgers University
Bard Graduate Center