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KUOW Radio (Seattle, WA), Wednesday May 21, 2008:

Sun Community Newspapers (San Fernando Valley, CA), Friday May 30, 2008:
“Anthropologist resurrects historical film” BY RACHEL HELLER,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=875&cntnt01returnid=59

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Thursday, June 5:

Vancouver Sun Thursday June 5, 2008:
“First nations dancers celebrate restoration of historic film” BY KEVIN GRIFFIN

“Restored silent film focuses on love, revenge, murder” BY KEVIN GRIFFIN

“Restorers rescue pioneer filmmaker's unique depiction of B.C. coast first nations” BY KEVIN GRIFFIN

Friday, June 6, 2008:
“Curtis always wanted to record the beliefs of North American Indians” BY KEVIN GRIFFIN

“In the land of the headhunters: For the Kwakwaka'wakw, dancing and singing for the camera would be like sending a message in a bottle to future generations of their people” BY KEVIN GRIFFIN

Saturday, June 7, 2008:
“First nations chronicler: Edward Curtis published 20 volumes of documentary photos” BY KEVIN GRIFFIN

Saturday, June 21, 2008:
“Dances tell spectacular tales: Kwakwaka'wakw to perform at Chan Centre with screening of restored 1914 film” BY KEVIN GRIFFIN

Monday, June 23, 2008:
“Aboriginal dancers stage powerful performance: Live dancing and singing trumps screening of historic film.” (review) BY KEVIN GRIFFIN

Friday, November 07, 2008:
“Aboriginal orchestra takes Headhunters film on U.S. tour” by Kevin Griffin

Saturday, November 08, 2008:
Alert Bay takes on New York” BY KEVIN GRIFFIN  

North Seattle Herald Outlook, Friday, June 6 (preview with photo):

Seattle International Film Festival Blog, Saturday, June 7, 2008:

Seattle Times, Sunday June 8, 2008:
“Silent film ‘In the Land of the Head Hunters’ returns to Moore after 94 years” BY MOIRA MACDONALD

News from Indian Country, Sunday, June 8 (mention)

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Monday June 9, 2008:
“Edward Curtis' 'Head Hunters' takes another bow with film festival screening:
Landmark film returns to the site of its 1914 premiere” BY WILLIAM ARNOLD, Tuesday, June 10 (Preview):

Moviepie Musings (blog), Wednesday June 11, 2008:, Wednesday, June 11 (review):

CBC Radio (90.5 FM, Victoria, BC): Monday, June 16, 2008:
(interview with Aaron Glass and Andrea Sanborn)

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Monday, June 16 (mention) Monday, June 16 (mention)

The Georgia Straight (Vancouver, BC), Thursday, June 19, 2008:
“Sleuthing revives lost film of First Nations life by Edward Curtis” BY GUDRUN WILL

Global TV Weekend Morning News (Vancouver, BC), Saturday, June 21, 2008:
(Interview with Aaron Glass and Dustin Rivers [of the Gwa’wina Dancers])

Co-op Radio (CFRO 102.7 FM, Vancouver), Tuesday, June 24, 2008:
(interview with Aaron Glass and Barbara Cranmer)

CBC Radio (690 AM, Vancouver, BC): Tuesday, June 24, 2008:
(interview with Dana Claxton)

The Globe and Mail (Vancouver, BC), Tuesday, June 24, 2008:
“Researchers restore long-lost 1913 epic” BY MARSHA LEDERMAN

Anthropology News, October 2008(Society for Visual Anthropology listing):
“Edward Curtis meets the Kwakwaka’wakw” BY AARON GLASS

National Museum of the American Indian magazine, Fall 2008 (Washington DC Exhibitions + Events Calendar section).

NPR “Studio 360” radio program, November 7, 2008:

Materialworld blog, November 18, 2008:
“Roving reporter - the Mead Film Festival at the AMNH” BY JOSHUA BELL

Natural History magazine, November 2008 (At the Museum section):
“Art and Anthropology at the 2008 Mead Festival.”

Native Peoples magazine, November/December 2008 (Happening/Events section):
“Paddling out of the Mists of Time” BY DANIEL GIBSON

Smithsonian magazine, December 2008 (Around the Mall section):
“The Past is Prologue: How a Film Helped Preserve a Native Culture” BY ANDREW CURRY

In the Field magazine (The Field Museum’s Member Publication), Winter 2008/2009:
Program calendar listing for November.

An acoustic review of the "Margaret Mead Film and Video Festival (December 2008) BY JENNIFER HEUSON: