Old Images / New Views: Perspectives on Edward Curtis

This exhibit features the reflections of twenty artists, scholars, and community leaders in the Pacific Northwest, each responding to an Edward Curtis photograph they selected. In the diversity of perspectives, we find nuance regarding Curtis’s images and their complex relationship to First Nations cultures.

Developed by the Museum of Anthropology and the First Nations Studies Program at The University of British Columbia for the public presentation of Curtis’s 1914 film, In the Land of the Head Hunters.

[Unless otherwise noted, all Curtis images are from his The North American Indian (NAI) book series]

(A version of this exhibit was installed in the venues for the 2008 public event series that made up the core of the Head Hunters project, and a condensed version is published in our 2014 edited volume.)

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Project Partners

U’mista Cultural Centre 
The Getty Research Institute
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University of Washington Press
Autry National Center 
The Moore Theatre (Seattle Theatre Group)
The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture
Seattle International Film Festival
The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts
Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia
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UBC Centenary 2008
National Gallery of Art
Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian
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